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Submission of questions

Submission of Questions

Questions relevant to "The Great Magnet, the Earth" will be answered, to the extent time allows. If a question seems to be worthy of broader interest, it and its answer (suitably edited) may be added to the list appearing in "The Great Magnet."
Questions should be sent to me at:

      earthmag("at" symbol)

Please do observe the following:

  • Include your name and some details about yourself. We all like to feel we are corresponding with a real person!

  • You might include your mail address (it will not be reproduced). It may be useful in mailing material to you.

  • In addition to questions, I also welcome here relevant comments, interesting observations or useful suggetions. In particular I would like to hear from students or teachers about the use of "The Great Magnet" in schools.

Please avoid any of the following:
  • Asking about matters which are far beyond the scope of "The Great Magnet."

  • For questions on the distant field of Earth see "The Exploration of the Earth's Magnetosphere" and a list of questions-and-answers at FAQsubj.html there.

  • About space see also "From Stargazers to Starships" with a list of questions and answers at StarFsubj.htm there.

  • Posing a question without first checking if it was answered in the main files of "The Great Magnet" or in the question-and-answer list.
  • For students--asking me to do your homework for you (for instance "send me all you have about the aurora"). That is not my job!

David P. Stern