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Behind the Scenes
The touring museum exhibit - "Space Weather Center: Living in the Sun's Atmosphere" - was created through a unique partnership between the Space Science Institute and science and education programs at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. Key contributors include:

GSFC Group For Space Science Institute:

  • Paul Dusenbery
  • Jaime Harold
  • Cheri Morrow
  • Susan Solari

For the NASA Sun-Earth Connections Missions:

  • Mike Carlowicz (ISTP-GGS)
  • Carol Jo Crannell (HESSI and SUNBEAMS)
  • Nicola Fox (Polar)
  • Steele Hill (SOHO)
  • Bob Hoffman (Polar)
  • Beth Jacob (ACE)
  • Bill Taylor (IMAGE)
  • Tycho von Rosenvinge (ACE, SAMPEX, Wind)

Plasma Ball Macbeth For NASA's Sun-Earth Connections Education Forum (SECEF):

  • Lou Mayo
  • Jim Thieman

For the Windows to the Universe project (CD-ROM):

  • Roberta Johnson

Condit Exhibits designed and fabricated the Space Weather Center, and Denis Doyon of Green Thumb Films assisted in development of the audio-visuals.

Space Weather Center Team And many others provided editorial, scientific, and moral support...

Funding for the exhibit was provided by NASA, the National Science Foundation, and the Raytheon ITSS Corporation.

The "Space Weather Center" online exhibit was developed by Theresa Valentine, with help from Steele Hill, Mike Carlowicz, Jaime Harold, and Erin Gardner.

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