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GILL Viewing Conditions

The Canopus MPA instruments provide high resolution outputs, which except for the MPA at Gillam Man., are not routinely collected. Using experimental software, raster scan images of these data for Jan 9-11, 1997 have been created. Note that from Gillam only a portion of the auroral oval may be seen at any one time. The notes below provide summary information regarding these images.

Please note that these data are the property of the Canadian Space Agency which funds the CANOPUS project. The data are subject to the "CANOPUS Rules of the Road" (http://www.dan.sp-agency.ca/www/canrules.htm). Please contact Dr. G. Rostoker, "rostoker@space.ualberta.ca" regarding use of these data. Should other time segments or wavelengths be desired, contact "creutzberg@danott.dan.sp-agency.ca"

image notes

mpa_gillhr_97010902.gif good viewing - quiet oval coming south

mpa_gillhr_97010907.gif slightly cloudy - substorm ~07:50 UT

mpa_gillhr_97011000.gif reasonable viewing - oval comes rapidly south @03:00UT

mpa_gillhr_97011004.gif midnight sector - substorm activity

mpa_gillhr_97011005.gif detail of 97011004

mpa_gillhr_97011007.gif clouded in

mpa_gillhr_97011102.gif clouded in

mpa_gillhr_97011106.gif fairly heavy clouds

mpa_gillhr_97011110.gif morning sector pulsations (FLR's?)

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