SuperDARN-Cutlass Radar Description

1. 04 - 07 UT (10/1) scatter at near ranges is E-region. The electrojet is enhanced which is unsual at this time of day. There is a short burst of scatter between 05 and 06 UT at further ranges.

2. 11 - 1230 UT (10/1) scatter with some large negative (away from the radar) velocities. These could be signatures of transient reconnection.

3. 13 - 20 UT (10/1) scatter at near ranges again is probably E-region. Again strong electrojet - velocities are low because the radar is pointing more or less along a meridian.

4. 09 - 15 UT (11/1) scatter is probably associated with cusp region. Again some strong velocities away from the radar, possibly transient features. Certainly one of the more active intervals at this time of the year.

5. 05 (10/1) - 04 (11/1) scatter is almost exclusively at near ranges. This is most likely E-region scatter caused by enhanced electrojets with possibily some F-region scatter mixed in. There are a number of interesting features, e.g. 09 - 12 UT, poleward moving bands - probably wave activity, could be transient auroral features. Good strong velocities towards the radar from 18 - 24 UT.

6. 11 - 13 UT (11/1) scatter is very interesting as there are some strong velocities towards the radar. This is possibly "cusp" region and will be an interval of considerable interest.

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Last updated: Jan 19, 1997