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Sounds of the Magnetospheric Response

The Sounds of the Magnetospheric Response to the cloud event, courtesy of the Plasma Wave Instrument on POLAR:

Date/Time (UTC) WAV (Higher Quality) AU (Smaller Size) Spectrogram

Southern Auroral Zone - Day 10 Jan 1997 08:06:50 - 08:07:10 UT 1.1M WAV 285K AU Spectrogram
Northern Auroral Zone - Night 10 Jan 1997 11:14:15 - 11:14:30 UT 0.9M WAV 250K AU Spectrogram
Northern Polar Cap - Night, Auroral Kilometric Radiation 10 Jan 1997 19:31:30 - 19:31:50 UT 1.1M WAV 290K AU Spectrogram

This information was provided by the Polar PWI, courtesy of D. Gurnett and J. Pickett.

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