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August 24 - 28 1998

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August 24 - 28 EVENT SUMMARY

From Daniel Berdichevsky (SPOF)

Aug. 24, 22 UT, X1/3B SOLAR FLARE

Aug. 26, 0620 UT (SHOCK at 250 RE from Earth)

Aug. 26, 22 UT to Aug. 27, 2350 UT, One whole Day of IMF South

Aug. 27, 00 to 12 UT, Severe Geomagnetic Disturbances

Aug. 27, Morning, Images of Auroras at Mid-Latitudes

Additionally during Aug. 27, from 10:22:15 to 10:27, the ionospheric night over the Pacific becomes day-like as a consequence of an Extremely Bright Burst from SGR 1900+14, interstellar hard photons event (Peak energies of ~ 34 keV)

Detailed time line

August 24-26, 1998: An exercise in "space weather" prediction

USDG Press Release on Aug. 26

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