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27 January 2000

      Unusual Corotating Interactive Region (CIR) on January 27, 2000

      Sun Signatures of the Event

        Quick look synoptic Ha and HeI chart showing a huge equatorial Coronal Hole (Details correspond to the Sun chromosphere for Carrington rotation 1957)

      Interplanetary Response

      Geomagnetic Response

January 26 - February 5 EVENT SUMMARY

From Daniel Berdichevsky (SPOF)

Jan. 26, Solar Wind conditions are normal except for a proton distribution broader than expected

Jan. 27, approx 6 UT begins a dense, hot solar wind with IMF showing flux-rope features.

Jan. 27, at 1356UT forward fast IP shock compress structure at L1 (at ACE NRT) and proton density increases to above 100 part/cc, at 1500UT IP shock passes Wind (x-GSE ~ 0, y-GSE ~ -60 Re)

Jan. 27, 1510UT polarity changes to outgoing from the Sun, and for several hours one GOES-Environmental satellite appears displaced away from the magnetosphere and into the magneto-sheath

Jan. 27, 2322UT ACE crosses a reverse shock, WIND misses observation due to a data gap.

2322UT Jan. 27 - 0000UT Feb. 2, solar wind fluctuates, with a mean speed decreasing from its high of approximately 740 km/s to a value of about 500km/s at the end of the period.

The recurrence of this CIR was identified by the spacecraft NEAR magnetometer at least in two occations. In this occassion when NEAR was located at about 90 Deg Longitude East of the Earth's location.

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