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ISTP Sun-Earth Connection Crossword

Crossword Puzzle

2. a "packet" of energy in the form of light
3. the typical ribbon-like auroral shapes seen from the ground
6. the process by which plasma particles from two different field lines come to share the same line
7. the weak magnetic field with lines usually connected to the Sun and filling interplanetary space
10. the outermost layer of the Sun's atmosphere, invisible to humans except during eclipses
12. a lightweight, negatively charged particle
14. _____ currents are electric currents that flow along magnetic field lines and link the Earth's ionosphere with more distant regions
16. ISTP satellite launched to study the aurora
20. an atom with more or fewer electrons than those of its normal state
21. a measure of the electric force acting on ions or electrons
22. an intensely magnetic area on the Sun's visible face
23. ISTP satellite that studies the Sun 24 hours a day
24. the _____ process is the generation of an electric currents by the flow of an electrically conducting fluid through a magnetic field
25. a bright outburst on the Sun, usually from an active sunspot region
26. a huge cloud of hot plasma that erupts from the Sun
1. an electric _____ is a continuous flow of electrons and/or ions through a conductor
2. positively charged particle; hydrogen ion
3. the direction in which a satellite is oriented in space
4. the boundary of the magnetosphere, separating Earth-connected plasma from that of the solar wind
5. a compact source of magnetic force, with two magnetic poles
8. change in velocity
9. slow shift of a magnetically trapped ion or electron from one magnetic field line to its neighbor
11. a glow in the sky that indicates the presence of "space weather"
13. an intrument for measuring magnetic fields
15. the highest layers of the Earth's atmosphere (where many ions and free electrons are)
17. a gas containing free ions and electrons, and therefore capable of conducting electric currents
18. a sharp front formed in the solar wind ahead of the magnetosphere, marked with a sudden slowing-down of the flow near Earth
19. a small magnetized sphere used as laboratory model of the Earth
23. a magnetic _____ is a large-scale disturbance of the magnetosphere

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