Northern & Southern Lights

Image Brief Description
aurora1 Aurora over Adventdalen, Svalbard
France photo: D.A.R. Simmons)
aurora2 Aurora in early evening sky
(photo: Jean-Yves Aschard)
aurora4 The aurora reflected in a pond.
(courtesy: University of Alaska)
aurora3 This image has been acquired with the Earth Camera that is one of three cameras in the Visible Imaging System (VIS). The design and assembly of the VIS was performed by the VIS team at The University of Iowa. The VIS is one of twelve instruments on the Polar satellite of the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.
auorora5big A long, breath-taking sequence of images showing the growth and decay of a Theta Arc feature first seen with the DESAI. This image sequence occured 8 November 1981 (81/312) from 14:12 UT in the first image in the upper left panel until 17:02 UT in the lower right panel. Each image is separated by approximately 12 minutes.

Brought to you by the International Solar-Terrestrial Physics Program and NASA.

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