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Material from Terry Kucera's
Presentation on the Solar Maximum

  1. Sunspot Cycle
  2. Butterfly Diagram and a discussion of it
  3. Sunspot Cycle Predictions from the Marshall Space Flight Center team
  4. Solar Activity Facts
  5. Sun with Prominence
  6. Solar Eruption Sequence
  7. Magnetic Loops and Prominences
  8. Coronal Mass Ejection Facts
  9. Coronal Mass Ejection Sequence
  10. Coronal Mass Ejection
  11. Blast Wave on the Sun's Surface
  12. Flows in the Sun
  13. Flows Within Flows in the Sun from the Jet Stream Press Release
  14. Yohkoh Images Through the Solar Cycle
  15. Solar Corona at Solar Minimum and Maximum
  16. Solar Minimum Intensitygram
  17. Solar Maximum Intensitygram
  18. Solar Minimum EIT Image
  19. Solar Maximum EIT Image
  20. Solar Minimum Magnetogram
  21. Solar Maximum Magnetogram
  22. Solar Minimum Yohkoh X-Ray Image
  23. Solar Maximum Yohkoh X-Ray Image
  24. The HESSI Spacecraft
  25. LASCO C2 Christmas Movie (CMEs at Solar Minimum) (477K .mpg)

Related information and images can be found at the Sunspots and the Solar Cycle site, in the SOHO Portfolio, and in the compilation of Latest EIT and LASCO Movies.

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