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Special Section of JGR Space Physics Marks Polar's 5th Anniversary

26 papers of new accomplishments in particle acceleration, reconnection, substorm onset, ion outflow, auroral power and precipitation, and energetic particles of the radiation belts.

This April special section is first of two Polar special sections to be published in JGR this year.

Image of the JGR April Issue Cover

Some featured articles:

Mozer et al., Origin & geometry of upward parallel electric fields
Frank et al., Encounters of the substorm onset region
Reeves et al., The storm-substorm relationship
Crumley et al., Studies of ion solitary waves
Maynard et al., The magnetospheric "sash" and its implications
Trattner et al., Origins of cusp energetic particles
Fuselier et al., O+ in the cusp, implications for reconnection

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