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Near Real-Time Data

  blank image to force spacing between columns The ISTP CDHF supports the receipt, processing, and distribution of near-real time (NRT) data for the WIND and POLAR missions. NRT data is received from the Generic Data Capture Facility (GDCF) on a dedicated set of computers in the ISTP CDHF.

NRT Data on the Web Several sites provide displays of selected parameters from the ISTP Near Real Time data stream.

Near Real Time Server
(available for authorized ISTP investigators or by request)
The NRT Server System supports the real time distribution of WIND and POLAR near-real time level-zero data and near-real time key parameter data (future). Client software is used to connect to the NRT Server System and request data. Authorized clients will then receive the requested data as it becomes available. The NRT level-zero and key parameter data is packetized and sent to the client via a tcp socket connection. The format of the packets is described in the ISTP Data Format Control Document.

All client routines are written in C and may be obtained from the ISTP CDHF (istp1.gsfc.nasa.gov) via anonymous ftp.

See the NRT Client/Server MiniFAQ for additional information.

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