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First Announcement

Over the past few years several Coordinated Data Analysis Workshops (CDAWs) on solar eruptions have been organized to bring together multiwavelength data from ground based and spaceborne instruments. The most recent CDAW Solar eruptive events brought together data on the largest number of events in order to study the global properties of coronal mass ejections. Twenty eight events were analyzed by five subgroups on various aspects of the eruptions starting from solar origins to interplanetary consequences. Data from SOHO, Yohkoh and Wind Spacecraft were pooled together along with ground based observations. Extensive sets of imaging and time series data were used for end-to-end analysis of the eruptive events. As a logical follow-up, we are planning an international conference to discuss the results of the intense data analysis performed during and after that CDAW (see the web site at orpheus.nascom.nasa.gov/istp/contents.html).

The conference will focus not only on the ISTP/IACG CDAW events, but also on related issues such as theory and modeling of solar eruptions, coupling with the magnetosphere, interplanetary scintillations and solar wind composition during the eruptive events. The conference will focus on the following broad topics:

1. Origin of CMEs, Flares and Prominence Eruptions

2. Coronal and Interplanetary Shocks

3. Solar Energetic Particles

4. Composition of CME-related Solar Wind

5. CMEs, Interplanetary Ejecta and Magnetic Clouds

6. Interplanetary Scintillations

The conference will be held during March 6-9, 2000, in Washington DC under the sponsorship of:

The Catholic University Of America
International Solar Terrestrial Physics (ISTP)
Inter Agency Consultative Group (IACG)
National Space Science Data Center (NSSDC)
Solar Data Analysis Center (SDAC)

The program will include invited talks, contributed talks, poster sessions, debates on hot issues and a panel discussion. The SOC invites broad participation by interested members of the solar terrestrial physics and space weather community. Arrangements are being made to publish the papers in a JGR special issue. Judging by the overwhelming response we had for the ISTP/IACG CDAW, we encourage interested members of the community to pre-register early. We will send the second announcement to those who are pre-registered.


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