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Other Hotels

Some suitable hotels for visiting CUA (D. Sober 1/29/99)

Quality Inn College Park (near U. of MD, about 5 mi from CUA; about 0.5 mi from College Park Metro Station) 7200 Baltimore Blvd., College Park, MD 20740 301-864-5820 Ask for Catholic University rate: $59 single, $69 double as of 10/98

Some Washington, DC hotels, as advertised in New York Times, January 1999 (All prices "subject to availability" and for a limited time only -- typical rates are much higher.)

Washington Plaza 10 Thomas Circle NW (Washington, DC 20005) $79 
                    202-842-1300        800-424-1140

Hotel Lombardy, 2019 Pennsylvania Ave. NW (20006) $79 202-828-2600 800-424-5486
Best Western New Hampshire Suites Hotel, 1121 N.H. Ave. NW (20037) $69 202-457-0565 800-762-3777
State Plaza Hotel, 2117 E Street NW (20037) $69 800-424-2859
Morrison-Clark, Mass. Ave. and 11th St. NW (20001) $89 202-898-1200 800-332-7898
St. James Suites, 950 24th St. NW $79 (Fri-Sat) 202-457-0500 800-852-8512
The River Inn (Foggy Bottom) $69 (weekend) 800-424-2741 www.theriverinn.com
George Washington University Inn (Foggy Bottom) from $89 (weekend) 800-426-4455 www.gwuinn.com
Governor's House Hotel, 17th St. off Mass. Ave. $69 (weekend, January) 800-821-4367
Hilton Embassy Row, 2015 Mass. Ave. NW (20036) $89 (code WF 199) 202-265-1600 800-424-2400
The Georgetown Inn, 1310 Wisc. Ave. NW (20007) $99 (code WF 199) 202-333-8900 800-424-2979
Henley Park Hotel, 926 Mass. Ave. NW (20001) $98 800-222-8474

Most of our visitors have stayed in the College Park Quality Inn, which is about 1/2 mile from a Metro station.

The only one of the DC hotels that I have seen personally is the Lombardy, which is a clean, old-fashioned hotel close to the White House and GWU. All of the DC hotels should be reasonably close to Metro stations (but to be sure, ask when you reserve.)

In addition, there are a number of moderate-priced hotels near National Airport (easy Metro access) and some near Dulles (with airport transportation provided, but not very convenient into DC.)

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