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JGR-Space Physics Special Section Announcement: "Solar Eruptive Events"

From: Amy Shutkin (ashutkin@ssl.berkeley.edu)

Solar eruptive events, including coronal mass ejections, eruptive
prominences and flares are taking on renewed interest as we approach the
solar maximum. In light of the current suite of instruments observing these
phenomena with an unprecedented breadth of techniques, the new insights
gained from numerical modeling and theory, and the improved access to longer
term, retrospective data sets, we invite the submission of papers for this
special section. Analyses of the interplanetary or geospace manisfestations
of these events which emphasize the solar connection are also welcome.

Papers designated for this special section must reach the Berkeley editorial
office (jgr@ssl.berkeley.edu) by May 15, 2000. Papers received after this
date are not guaranteed consideration for the Special Section.  Please
indicate the special section title in your cover letter, and prepare your
submission assuming the usual JGR standards and review process.

You will find complete instructions for manuscript preparation, together
with the AGU 'style file' (agums.sty) at:

Electronic submissions as Postscript or Adobe.pdf file attachments to your
email cover letter are encouraged. Any document can be converted into an
Adobe.pdf file for free through the following hyperlink:

Questions regarding this special section should be addressed to the
organizer, Nat Gopalswamy.


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