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Ordinary and Extraordinary In-situ Composition of CME-related Solar Wind and SEPs

A. B. Galvin


Charge state and composition measurements of CME-related solar wind and of Gradual Solar Energetic Particle (SEP) Events provide information on their coronal origins and acceleration processes.  In this talk we combine in situ observations from SOHO, Wind, and ACE for selected ISTP/IACG CDAW intervals for an overview and comparison of plasma and suprathermal elemental and charge state composition during CME- related events. Variations exist from one CME event to another, and occasionally exotic compositional signatures are observed (e.g., Wurz et al., 1998; Gloeckler et al., 1999; Moebius et al., 1999).  In at least one CME-related event (May 2-3 1998), the solar wind charge states are not only extremely unusual (Gloeckler et al., 1999), but show a possible correspondence with the charge states measured in the associated Gradual SEP (Popecki et al., 1999).  Similarities have also been reported in the unusual solar wind and SEP charge state composition observed during the early November 1997 events (Wimmer-Schweingruber, Kern, and Hamilton, 1999).

   Authors: F. Ipavich, B. Klecker, E. Moebius, M. Popecki, R. Wimmer-Schweingruber, P. Wurz, T. Zurbuchen

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