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Constructing a global pictures of events beginning with the inner corona

Barbara Thompson


The "Dimmings and Arcades" working group at the ISTP/IACG Workshop on Solar Eruptive Events focussed on the changes in the inner corona which might be indicative of an energetic eruption. The eruptions which were studied exhibited interplanetary Type II radio activity, and most displayed some other indicator of energetic eruptive activity, such as metric radio bursts, strong flares, or impulsive coronal signatures. The working group used images from Yohkoh SXT and SOHO EIT and LASCO to examine changes in coronal morphology associated with these events. Results indicate that the inner coronal structure of CMEs corresponds well with the transients observed at larger distances; specifically, the extended dimming regions observed by EIT and SXT appear to represent the white light "footprint" of the CME. The location of the flaring region, however, can either be at the center or at the edge of the dimming region.  These large depleted regions in the corona may be more prevalent in the case of "energetic" eruptions, and this association may be an indicator of the energy storage and release in these eruptions.

Authors: B. J. Thompson, E. W. Cliver, J.-P. Delaboudiniere, C. Delannee, N. Nitta
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