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Complex, Radio-rich Sun-Earth Connections: April 7, and November 3-4, 1997, and May 2, 1998

Daniel Berdichevsky


Our understanding of Sun-Earth connection events has recently been enriched by the steady monitoring of the Sun by the LASCO coronograph on the SOHO spacecraft, an instrument having many times the temporal resolution and sensitivity of earlier missions. This high sensitivity allowed the observation of several disturbances associated Halo-CMEs, Clear signatures indicative of a shock associate (SA) both in SOHO EIT images of the low corona and the remote tracking with WIND WAVES instrument of the slowly drifting (type 2) radio bursts in the metric and decametric ranges. In this paper we present observational evidence, through the monitoring of the MeV shock energized particles, of the evolution of the shock associate (SA) through the interplanetary medium up to its observation at 1 AU. We also discuss indications of the presence or absence of an SA driver (ejecta) a few to several hours behind the SA in the solar wind at 1 au.

  Authors: D.B. Berdichevsky, C.J. Farrugia, R.P. Lepping, B.J. Thompson, T.H. Zurbuchen,. D.V. Reames, M.L. Kaiser, and C. St Cyr

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