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Triggering of Magnetic Reconnection by Shock Waves for Different Resistivity Models

Dusan Odstrcil


Recent numerical simulations showed that shock waves of moderate strength can trigger magnetic field reconnection in a current sheet (Odstrcil and Karlicky, 1997). These results suggest that triggering of solar flares by shock waves coming from distant sources is possible. Numerical simulation of shock-induced magnetic reconnection has an advantage that boundary inflow is computed self- consistently and its parameters results from dynamic physical situation.  This enables one to concentrate on question whether resulting dynamic behavior depends on resistivity models and if yes which model and which behavior seems to be more realistic and more likely to be observed.

     Authors: D. Odstrcil and M. Karlicky

  Organization: Astronomical Institute
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        e-mail: odstrcil@asu.cas.cz
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   Czech Republic

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