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CHERNOV Guennadi


A new small scale temperature structure on Yohkoh/SXR temperature maps is discussed. The temperature nonhomogeneous structures look at SXR temperature maps as isolated hot and cold ´elementary temperature kernelsª (ETK) with a maximal and minimal temperature:  Tmax = 18 MK, Tmin = 8 MK and electron density  n = 6.32 x  10^{10} ·cm^{-3}. The minimal diameter of ETK ~ 1 pixel, i.e.  ~ 2000 km.  It was shown that a static energy balance between heat conduction, radiation cooling and heat source takes place  and small scale periodical solution in magnetic loop may be provided by anomalous turbulence.  An energetic balance for ETK may be when anomalous thermal conductive transport along loop (smaller electron classical conductivity in ~ 400 times) is present. It needs an ion-sound turbulence and electric field: E = 10^{-7}CGSE = 3 x 10^{-3} v/m.  It is necessary to study the scale and time dynamics of ETK in different energetic ranges including radio observations in microwaves with  high resolutions (VLA, Nobejama)

    Authors: V.A.Kovalev, _G.P.Chernov, T.Kosugi, Y.Hanaoka

  Organization: IZMIRAN, Russian Academy of Sciences
     Telephone:  7 095 3340902
           Fax:  7 095 3340124
        e-mail:  gchernov@izmiran.troitsk.ru
       Address: IZMIRAN, Troitsk, Moscow region,
   142092, Russia

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