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Energetic Particle Observations Associated With the Workshop Events.

Ian Richardson


This paper highlights some features of the energetic particle effects associated with the workshop events, including data from the IMP 8, WIND and ACE spacecraft. The workshop events show a remarkable variation in the maximum energetic particle intensities detected at Earth, ranging over ~6 orders of magnitude at energies of both ~2 MeV and ~20 MeV.  The speeds of the associated CMEs observed by LASCO order the intensities of the workshop events reasonably well. This correlation between the proton intensity and CME speed, which has also been found using Helios 1 and 2 and SOLWIND observations, suggests that CME- driven shocks play a role in particle acceleration.  For the workshop events however, the correlation is helped by the fact that a majority of the fastest CMEs happen to be associated with solar events on the western-hemisphere, which are also magnetically well-connected to the Earth.  Thus, the east-west asymmetry in particle intensities at Earth is not a major influence when comparing these particle enhancements.  Several events show interesting relationships between solar wind structures and particle signatures such as intensity, compositional and anisotropy variations, including bidirectional ion flows.  These particle features may help to confirm our understanding of the relationship between the solar phenomena and interplanetary structures, but can also provide challenges in particular events.

    Authors: I. G. Richardson, H. V. Cane, O. C. St. Cyr

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