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Large Scale Coronal Magnetic Field Reconfigurations and Eruptive Events

Janet Luhmann


We report on our progress in attempting to understand the relationship between changes in the configuration of the large scale coronal magnetic field and CMEs. This approach has been motivated by the association of the subsequent ICMEs with solar wind electron heat flux anisotropies. The presence of intervals of counter-streaming and/or notable reduction in the heat flux in ICMEs suggests that newly opening or disconnected field structures are involved in the causative eruptions. Our examination of changes in the open/closed structures, using data-based potential field source surface models, shows that changes are often seen in the central meridian region preceding the arrival of an ICME. These changes may involve the coronal hole structure and can be related to either evolving active regions or background photospheric fields. We show some examples both from the workshop study periods, and from our more general analyses of both the underlying concept and the observations.

       Authors: J.G. Luhmann and Yan Li (UC Berkeley); J.T. Hoeksema and X.P. Zhao (Stanford U); N. Arge (CIRES U of Colorado, NOAA/SEC)

  Organization: Space Sciences Lab, UC Berkeley
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       Address: Space Sciences Laboratory
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