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CME, Radiobursts and accelerated particles, new results:



Observational imaging evidence for the existence of metric radio bursts closely associated with the leading edge of CMEs will be presented. We shall discuss their association with type II bursts observed at lower frequency by WIND satellite. Investigation on the solar origin and propagation of well collimated energetic electron events will be presented. These events have been  measured in-situ by the EPAM experiment on the ACE spacecraft. coronagraphobservations from the LASCO/SOHO experiment allow us to follow the dynamical behaviour of the corona during thse events.

      Authors: M. Pick and D. Maia

  Organization: Observatoire de Paris
     Telephone: 33145077811
           Fax: 33145077959
        e-mail: pick@obspm.fr
       Address: DASOP, Observatoire de Meudon, Meudon, 92195, France

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