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Numerical Simulation of Eruptive Event

Roberto Lionello


We have performed 2D and 3D MHD simulations of eruptive events in the solar corona. We have studied the effect of changes in photospheric magnetic fields on the stability of helmet streamers and active region arcades. Variations in the magnetic flux distribution in the vicinity of the neutral line can lead to disruption, with liberation of a significant fraction of the stored magnetic energy. If the amount of emerged flux is below a threshold, then a stable equilibrium with a filament results. When the threshold is exceeded, the configuration erupts and leaves the Sun with a considerable amount of kinetic energy. This mechanism is a promising trigger for launching CMEs.

    Authors: Roberto Lionello, Jon A. Linker, Zoran Miki\'c

  Organization: Science Applications International Corp.
     Telephone: (858) 826 6771
           Fax: (858) 826 6261
        e-mail: lionel@iris023.saic.com
       Address: 10260 Campus Point Dr. MS-W2M
   San Diego, CA 92121-1578

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