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Directionality analysis of proton flux detected by SOHO/ERNE in June 16, 1998 solar event

Tero Sahla


We have developed a method to deduce the directional flux anisotropy of protons in the 2 pi -space from measurements in the 120f x 120f view cone. On June 16-21, 1998, one of the largest solar particle events since the launch of SOHO was detected by the energetic particle telescope ERNE. In addition to the expected anisotropy in the beginning of the event, a shorter period strong directionality was registered about 39 hours after the onset. During that period also the proton intensities showed a significant increase.

    Authors: T. Sahla and J. Torsti

  Organization: Space Research Laboratory, Department of Physics,
University of Turku
     Telephone: +358 2 333 5745
           Fax: +358 2 333 5993
        e-mail: tero.sahla@utu.fi
       Address: Space Research Laboratory
   Department of Physics
   FIN-20014 Turku University

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