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Speed (initial) of eruptive prominences

Voyto  Rusin


This paper deals with eruptive prominences, originally quiescent, related to their speeds at the initial phase of their eruption. It is shown that an initial speed of the projected height of these erupted prominences should be distributed into two groups: (a) the initial phase of eruption begins with a small speed of a few km/s that continuosly increases to the speed of a few hubdred km/s; (b) the initial phase of eruption starts with a speed of a few hundred km/s and ends with a small-speed. Eruptive prominences are usually followed by coronal mass ejections (CMEs), so they should have the same or similar speeds. It should be also supposed that additional force (the main force of a such eruption are huge magnetic systems) for the high speed of individual knots in eruptive prominences comes from detwisting of individual threads.

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