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Overview of Solar Eruptive Flares

Yoichiro Hanaoka


From the viewpoint of solar physics, the solar eruptive flares are a large scale restructuring of the coronal magnetic field near the solar surface.  There are two major topic in the study of the magnetic field of solar eruptive flares; one is the energy build-up which eventually causes eruptive phenomena, and the other one is the energy release and the magnetic field structure of on-going eruptive phenomena.  During recent several years, the new observations of eruptive phenomena becomes available particularly with the sophisticated instruments such as Yohkoh and SOHO.  Then, the magnetic field structure of on-going eruptive phenomena -- flares with ejections, prominence eruptions, and CMEs -- has been widely discussed, and great progress was made in understanding reconnection in the eruptive phenomena.  On the other hand, the energy build-up due to the evolution of photospheric magnetic field is not very clear.  However, the combination of coronal images (taken with Yohkoh/SXT, SOHO/EIT, and TRACE), which show coronal magnetic structure, and photospheric magnetic field data (taken with SOHO/MDI) enable us to make an advanced study of the energy build-up process of the eruptive flares.

In my talk, I would like to discuss mainly on the eruptive solar flares from the viewpoint of solar physics, particularly on the recent progress of the energy build-up study of the eruptive events.

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