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The complex relationship between type II shocks, flares, CMEs and shocks at the Earth, CME

Yolande Leblanc


We report on type II shock events observed with ground-based spectrographs in the meter-decameter range, and with the WAVES experiment on the Wind spacecraft at longer wavelengths. Complementary observations were made with the EIT and LASCO experiments on SOHO. We trace the history of the events from the time of the impulsive phase of the flare to the time of the shock at the Earth. We derive the height-time progression of the type II shock by using a coronal-solar wind density model and compare this progression with that of the CME in the plane of the sky. We extrapolate to derive the liftoff time of the CME from the Sun. We discuss the relationship between these type II shocks, the flares, the CMEs and the shocks at the Earth.

  Organization: Observatoire de Paris-Meudon
     Telephone: 33 1 45 07 77 59
           Fax: 33 1 45 07 26 08
        e-mail: leblanc@obspm.fr
       Address: Place Janssen
   92195, Meudon Cedex

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