IMAGE Orbit Plots

IMAGE Orbit Plots

The IMAGE orbit plots consist of four panels:

The three panels located in the upper left, upper right, and lower left show X-Z, Y-Z, and X-Y projections of the IMAGE orbit respectively, in SM coordinates. The orbit traces are color coded according to the region of geospace transversed by the spacecraft.

The plots in the lower right corner display distance (upper panel) and frequency (lower panel) as a function of time.

UPPER TIME SERIES PANEL in LOWER RIGHT CORNER displays model based estimates of the distances to the plasmapause and magnetopause in units of Earth radii.

LOWER TIME SERIES PANEL in LOWER RIGHT CORNER displays various frequencies in units kilo-Hertz.

Note: all of these parameters are model based and therefore are for predictive purposes.

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Last updated: August 23, 2005