ISTP Spacecraft Orbit Plots

These plots show projections of the Wind (black), Geotail (green), Interball-Tail (red), IMP-8 (blue) and Moon (brown) trajectories onto the Xgse-Zgse and Xgse-Ygse planes.

Note that there are two version of these plots, one set for which the X-axis range extends from -50 Re to +50 Re, and thus the Wind spacecraft often does not appear. The second set, extends from -200 Re to +200 Re and shows the location of Wind for those intervals that it fails to appear in the closer view plots.

For reference, projections of model bow shock and magnetopause surfaces are also included. The models are computed for average solar wind and IMF conditions (p=2.1 nPa, IMF-Bz=0 nT). The linestyle of the satellite trajectories varies depending on the region the satellite is located in: solid for solar wind, dashed for magnetosheath and dotted for magnetosphere.

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Last updated: August 23, 2005