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What Causes the Northern Lights?

  • Tri-fold, full color, general interest brochure answering many common questions about the aurora, including its cause and explanations of its colors, shapes, and location. Lists resources for further study.
  • Main message is to dispel the myth that particles from the Sun directly cause the aurorae. Briefly covers several other myths as well.
  • Artwork from NASA; photographs from Jan Curtis and others.
  • Reviewed by scientists and the GSFC Education Office before print; currently undergoing OSS scientific and educational review.
  • Will be distributed through SECEF, Education Office, and the LEP to educators (via national and regional meetings, AESP, ERCs, OSS Broker/Facilitators – mostly through workshops) and to classrooms and museums.
  • First in a desired series of brochures from the Polar mission on Sun-Earth Connections topics.
Download pdf version of the Northern Lights brochure Northern Lights brochure.

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