May 10-12, 1999; Call for Journal of Geophysical Research "Companion Papers"

On the subject of the disappearance of the solar wind we encourage the
submission of complementary papers to the Journal of Geophysical Research. We
volunteer to help with the coordination of these "JGR companion papers". To make
it possible you inform by email to "" on your plan
to participate.

These companion papers (3 to 6 or 8) are to be submitted to the 
Senior editor, Dr. Janet Luhmann, 
Journal of Geophysical Research, 
with a cover letter indicating the wish to publish them as companions on the
subject of the AGU, Fall 1999 special session: "The Day the Solar Wind Almost
Disappeared". If you know of another participating paper(s) then you provide
information or you indicate that Daniel Berdichevsky will help with the

To my knowledge the following three papers would be able to meet a mid-June
dead-line. If one or two more papers are added (e.g. one paper on the Solar
source) they could embody the spirit of the idea of publishing together
individual work that combines into new insight on the whole subject of Sun-Earth

1) Electron observation made in the solar wind during periods of low density,
Ogilvie et al.

2) The distant bow shock during low solar wind Mach number conditions, Fairfield
et al.

3) An evaluation of the ring, magnetopause, and tail currents on the day the
solar wind almost disappeared, by Jordanova et al.