Current List of Papers; GRL Special Section

Latest list update

  00082: (Usmanov et al.) A view of the inner heliosphere
  during the May 10-11, 1999 solar wind density anomaly - ACCEPTED
  3788 (Crooker et al.) Density extremes in the solar wind - ACCEPTED

  00077 (Richardson et al.) Solar-cycle variation of low density solar wind
  during more than three solar cycles - ACCEPTED
  3800: (Farrugia et al.) Response of the equatorial and polar magnetosphere
  to the very tenuous solar wind on May 11, 1999 - ACCEPTED
  3789 (Ohtani et al.); Dawn-dusk profile of field-aligned
  currents on the May 11, 1999 - ACCEPTED
  00087 (Terasawa et al.);  Geotail observation of anomalously low density
  solar wind in the magnetosheath - ACCEPTED
  00089 (Papitashvili et al.);  Geomagnetic disturbances at high latitudes
  during the very low solar wind density event - ACCEPTED