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ISTP Sun-Earth Connections Teacher Workshops

The International Solar-Terrestrial Physics program, as part of its public outreach efforts, hosts workshops for teachers to learn about the connection between the Sun and the Earth, in hopes that such information will return to students, sparking another generation of interest in the geospace that exists between the star that heats us and our home planet. This site is the center of information for the workshops: the names of participants and speakers, links to activities and information, Web-versions of speaker presentations, and evaluation forms are all available. The four workshops for which information is currently available are July 1998's "Connecting Kids to the Sun-Earth Connection" workshop, June 1999's "ISTP Teacher Resource Kit" mini-workshop, August 1999's "Sun-Earth Connections Teacher Resource Agent" workshop, and the August 2000 "Maximum Resources for Sun-Earth Connections" workshop.

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