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Mauricio Peredo

Science Systems and Applications, Inc.

SESDA Program Manager
10210 Greenbelt Road, Box 17,
Lanham, MD 20706.

Born in Mexico City. Received Bachelors in Science degrees in Physics and in Mathematics from the University of Texas at Austin, and Masters in Science and Doctorate in Physics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Doctoral thesis was on the effect of equilibrium flow for heating of laboratory and space plasmas. In 1990 joined Hughes STX Corporation to work at Goddard Space Flight Center on magnetospheric physics.

From 1992 to 2000, headed the Science Planning and Operations Facility for the International Solar-Terrestrial Physics program, and was a member of the GSFC Magnetospheric Modeling Group. Under Hughes STX (later changed to Raytheon STX and Raytheon ITSS), served as Head of the  Space Physics and Multidisciplinary Science Group, Manager of the Extraterrestrial Science Department, and finally Deputy Program Manager for Space Science, all supporting space science efforts at Goddard Space Flight Center.

In 2000 joined Science Systems and Applications, Inc. as Deputy Program Manager for the Space and Earth Sciences Data Analysis contract, leading over 330 professionals providing space and Earth sciences, engineering and IT services to GSFC.

Selected publications:

  • “Local Variations of IMF at Earth's Bow Shock,” R.L. Kessel, E. Quintana and M. Peredo, J. Geophys. Res., 104, 24869,1999.
  • “Overview of the ISTP Sun-Earth Connection Event of January 6-11, 1997,” M. Peredo, N. Fox, and B. Thompson, Proc. 31st ESLAB Symp., ‘Correlated Phenomena at the Sun, in the Heliosphere and in Geospace’, ESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands, 22-25 September 1997 (ESA SP-415), 517, 1997.
  • "Large-scale properties and solar connection of the heliospheric current and plasma sheets: WIND observations," R. P. Lepping, A. Szabo, M. Peredo, and J. T. Hoeksema, Geophys. Res. Lett, 23, 1199-1202, 1996.
  • "Three-dimensional position and shape of the bow shock and their variation with Alfvénic, sonic and magnetosonic Mach numbers and interplanetary magnetic field orientation," M. Peredo, J. A. Slavin, E. Mazur, and S. A. Curtis, J. Geophys. Res., 100, 7907, 1995.

  • "ISTP Science Data Systems and Products," W. H. Mish, J. L. Green, M. G. Reph, and M. Peredo, Space Science Rev., 71, 815, 1995.

  • "New Geomagnetic Limits on the Photon Mass and on Long-Range Forces Co-existing with Electromagnetism," E. Fischbach, R. A. Langel, A. T. Y. Lui, and M. Peredo, Phys. Rev. Lett., 73, 514, 1994.

  • "Analytical models of the magnetic field of disk-shaped current sheets," N. A. Tsyganenko, and M. Peredo, J. Geophys. Res., 99, 199, 1994.

  • "Scientific Visualization Tools for the ISTP Project: Mission Planning, Data Analysis and Model Interpretation," M. Peredo, C. C. Goodrich, D. McNabb, R. Kulkarni, and J. Lyon, in Developments and Applications of Data Handling and Visualization Tools to Space and Atmospheric Sciences, E. Szuszczewicz and J. Bredekamp, Editors, NASA Special Publication, 1994.

  • "Satellite Situation Center Data System for Magnetospheric Science Planning," L. Aist-Sagara, J. F. Cooper, R. E. McGuire, R. Parthasarathy, and M. Peredo, in Developments and Applications of Data Handling and Visualization Tools to Space and Atmospheric Sciences, E. Szuszczewicz and J. Bredekamp, Editors, NASA Special Publication, 1994.


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