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From There to Here:
Interplanetary Space and the Magnetosphere

The following images deal with the solar wind, the million-mile-per-hour plasma that streams out from the Sun constantly, and the interplanetary magnetic field that carries it to Earth.

Helmet Streamers
Helmet Streamers
Blast of Solar Wind
Blast of Wind
72K [Storms]
Solar Wind and Milky Way
Wind and Milky Way
Protons Burst Out
Protons Burst Out
83K [Storms]
Solar Wind Energy Flow
Solar Wind Energy
Solar Wind Speeds
Solar Wind Speeds
77K [Nagoya-U]
Ulysses Solar Wind Speeds
Solar Wind Speeds
24K [IASB]
Solar Wind Comes at Earth
Solar Wind Streams
32K [Nikkei]
Solar Wind Origin
Wind Origin
60K [U-Wisc]
Solar Wind Composition
Wind Compostion
41K [U-Wisc]
Interplanetary Magnetic Field Cross-Section
IMF Cross-Section
Solar Wind Sprinkles Out
Wind "Sprinkler"
Solar Wind Spirals Out
Solar Wind Spiral
48K [J.Luhmann]
Ballerina Skirt
Ballerina Skirt
Parker Spiral and Ballerina Skirt
Parker Spiral
88K [J.Jokipii]

The following images show views of the Earth's magnetosphere, the "magnetic shield" which deflects the charged particles of the solar wind.

Magnetosphere Image 1
Magnetosphere 1
23K [WTU]
Magnetosphere Image 2
Magnetosphere 2
40K [Rice]
Magnetosphere Image 3
Magnetosphere 3
Magnetosphere Image 4
Magnetosphere 4
Magnetosphere Image 5
Magnetosphere 5
45K [Rice]
Magnetosphere Image 6
Magnetosphere 6
55K [Rice]
Magnetosphere Image 7
Magnetosphere 7
39K [PFRR]
Magnetosphere Image 8
Magnetosphere 8
Magnetosphere Image 9
Magnetosphere 9
29K [SpaceScience.Org]
Magnetosphere Image 10
Magnetosphere 10
18K [IASB]
Magnetosphere Simulation 1/10/97
1/10/97 Magnetosphere
55K [Storms]
Sun and Magnetosphere
Sun and Magnetosphere
Bow Wave Diagram
Bow Wave Diagram
Spiral Motion of Particles
Spiraling Particles
33K [IASB]
Radiation Belt
Radiation Belt
37K [ACE]
More Radiation Belt
Radiation Belt
221K [LANL]
104K [Rice]

The following images deal with coronal mass ejections (huge bubbles of solar material that erupt from the Sun) and their effects on Earth.

Halo Coronal Mass Ejection
Halo CME
149K [Storms]
Magnetic Cloud Diagram
Magnetic Cloud
Coronal Mass Ejection Comes at Earth (Drawing)
CME Comes at Earth
Storms from the Sun Poster
71K [Storms]
Wind Spacecraft Tracks a CME
Wind Tracks CME
64K [ISTP-Wind]
Space Weather Effects (Lanzerotti@Lucent)
Storm Effects
115K [Storms]
Space Weather Effects (NOAA)
Space Weather Effects
72K [NOAA]
Transformer Blown by Space Storm
Transformer Blown
84K [CGS]
Geophysical Research Letters Cover
GRL Cover
155K [AGU/GRL]

Want to see more? Try the Storms from the Sun poster page, telling all about coronal mass ejections and space weather.

Want to learn more about the magnetosphere? Try The Exploration of the Earth's Magnetosphere.

Above is background material for archival reference only.

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