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>Science Operations
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ISTP and Related Operations a black image that forces spacing between the columns ISTP Central Data Handling Facility

ISTP Science Planning and Operations Facility

ISTP/GGS Flight Operations Team Homepage

Satellite Situation Center Web System (SSCWeb)

Space Physics Data Facility Homepage

National Space Science Data Center Homepage

Science Planning Information Long Term Science Plan Reports

Spacecraft Trajectory Plots

Deep Space Network (DSN) Schedules

GGS Science Priority Operation Topics (SPOTs)

GGS Special Operations Periods (GSOPs)

POLAR Despun Platform Pointing Plans

GGS Flight Operations Team Homepage

SPOF system planned maintenance downtimes

Key Parameter Summary Plots Key Parameter Plots

ISTP/GGS Science Campaigns, Events, and Related Studies ISTP/GGS Science Event Catalog

Homepage for Inter-Agency Consultative Group Science Campaigns

IACG First Campaign

Wind-Geotail Magnetopause Skimming Campaign

ISTP Catalog of Preliminary Solar Wind Events

Substorm event times for Wind-Geotail collaborative study (list assembled by D. Fairfield and T. Nagai)

Additional ISTP Information Links to ISTP-related sites

Contact Information for ISTP Principal Investigators

Overview of the ISTP Science Planning and Operations Facility

Space Physics Data Facility Homepage

GSFC Magnetospheric Modeling Group Homepage (Includes information and access to magnetic field models)

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