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aurora over US POLAR Scientists Discover the Energy Source Powering the Aurora
It is known that the aurora is created by intense electron beams which impact the upper atmosphere of the Earth. Until POLAR, it hasn't been clear where the energy comes from to create those energetic particle beams. Full Story

new weather map aurora POLAR's New "Weather Map Aurora" Display
The Iowa POLAR Auroral Imaging Team has developed a new auroral display expected to be popular with news and weather programs. Automatically generated and downloadable from a web site, the images would be readily available for inclusion in television broadcasts about extreme solar-terrestrial events. Full Story

new weather map aurora POLAR Auroral Image Featured on Cover of Discover Magazine
A global image of the aurora borealis from the POLAR spacecraft introduces an article explaining how space weather concerns have resulted in renewed scientific interest in auroral dynamics.The image featured on the cover is from the PIXIE instrument observes the X-ray aurora that separates and identifies the highest energy auroral producing electrons. Full Story

Bmag data map POLAR Provides First Experimental Documentation of Magnetic Reconnection
Magnetic reconnection is no longer just a theoretical construct with schematic illustrations. The Hydra, EFI and MFE instrument teams, using POLAR particle and field data are producing maps of the reconnection site. Full Story


Image of the aurora taken over the southern hemisphere.

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Polar research scientists will want to use the POLAR Spacecraft Logos

Project Scientist
Dr. Robert A. Hoffman
Phone: (301) 286-7386
e-mail: robert.a.hoffman@gsfc.nasa.gov

Deputy Project Scientist
Dr. Barbara L. Giles
Phone: (301) 286-0447
e-mail: barbara.giles@gsfc.nasa.gov

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